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Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

We repair and customise car seats, headlinings, campervan & caravan seating and bedding, as well as convertible roofs and more.

We are the only company on the Island that can professionally supply and fit convertible roofs for any model of vehicle, from classic to modern day.

We also cover all areas of the marine industry, re-upholstering boat interiors and exteriors of all types from Jetski to Super Yacht and can offer fully personalised and can offer customised boat covers and bags.

We also offer the option to have existing covers given a winter service, which includes a deep clean, re-waterproofing and any necessary repairs.

1st Class Covers
1st Class Covers

Billy started back in 1997 at the age of 12 as a weekend boy with a family run company called J. Shirlaw Upholstery and Covermaking,  making tea, coffee and being a general handy boy around the workshop.

At the age of 13, he was offered the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with them, learning the skills to become a marine, automotive and domestic upholsterer. He was also taught to fit convertible roofs on cars and manufacture custom made boat covers.

In 2003 he’d completed his apprenticeship and went on to become a Sailmaker, working for some of the leading sailmakers around the world such as Ratsey and Lapthorn, UK McWilliams, Doyle Sails, Hyde Sails, Hood Sails, Sanders Sails and North Sails.

In 2012 he made a small workshop in his back garden designing and customising automotive interiors for family and friends, then after a few years he started to make a good reputation for himself, so in September 2016 Billy opened the doors to his company which is now known as 1st Class Covers.

Come 2021 and Billy has moved the company to even bigger premises to enable them to take on more customers and bigger projects.

In 2022 we acquired Bobs Prints in order to bring even more quality and variety to our range.

With this acquisition we now proudly offer a comprehensive suite of printing services, including personalised vinyl graphics, bespoke embroidery, and much more.

This strategic expansion allows us to harness the expertise, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge printing technology that Bobs Prints is known for, and integrate it into our current business and quality ethos.

With the abolity to customise almost any product, including items of clothing, merchandise and more, we can now provide the complete range for your workforce or merchandise needs.

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